Sam Lewis vs Harry Lewis - Merchandise On a Pole Match : Slaughter HouseEdit


The first and only Merchandise on a Pole Match. Contested between two of Gareth's offspring. The early LPW events showcased alot of the family's superstars, and in an effort to break out on their own, SHIT wrestlers Harry & Sam Lewis were given a shot on the big deck. Though this match was utter garbage, with many botches and crappy moves, and outside interference aiding Sam to win, what stands out was the phenonemal entrance of the Judo throwing, Bike riding, Gun shooting, Drum smashing, Army Soldier, Lord Samuel Lewis. Too bad this match was never taped as this wouldve made some highlight reels for sure.


Tyler White vs Lukye West : Heck in a CageEdit

Lukye vs ty

An impromptu match set up by the Authority. Straight after Tyler had just competed in a Heck in a Cage Match against Real Gun for the Glendowie Heavyweight Championship, Lukye West arrived on the scene putting away Tyler with a Big Boot and a Rock Bottom with ease.


Simon Deek vs El Verde - Hardcore Title Shoes Match : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit


Ahhh, the Hardcore Title. The most unpredictable, exciting championship of them all, yet the shittest. Of course the match to begin it all had to be between the London Prick and the Green ???. 3 pinfalls in one minute gave us an idea of the potential of the Hardcore division. and why not have some shoes in the mix while you're there. The highlight of this match was actually afterwards when Milly the Dog was keen on eating the Green Masked Man, El Verde.


Lukye West vs Bart : Emporer of the Yard TourEdit


Talk shit, get hit. In the very first Emporer of the Yard Qualifying Match, Bart spent way too much time trying to send his brother Benji a message. As soon as the bell rang the fisherman ate a Rock Bottom and embarassed himself yet again.


Raven Hawk & Johnny Blobs vs Benji & Bart - Tag Team Title Rakes Match : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit


What an absolute clusterfuck this was. The LPW Tag Team Division has always been somewhat of a black hole in the card, usually presenting the worst match on the PPV, and this was no different. On a fun action packed PPV, the Tag Team Champions, Raven Hawk and the returning Johnny Blobs, defended their titles in a Tornado Style Rakes Match against Benji & Bart. There was too many moving parts for this match to get any structure, there was botches everywhere, such as the delayed ring bell or the distracted referee. And Dylan Marshalls debut on commentary was less than flattering to say the least.


Raven Hawk & Harry Lewis vs Benji & Bart - Tag Team Title Match : Day of KingsEdit

First tag

Speaking of Tag Team Matches, the first ever LPW Tag Team Championship Match at Day of Kings is as underwhelming as matches get. The newly formed team of Raven Hawk & Harry Lewis (who later became Johnny Blobs) took on the canadian fishermen, Benji & Bart. The first ever televised LPW Match had shocking camerawork, and match finished early due to a missed kickout by Bart. This began a long-term storyline between Raven and Johnny, but the match itself was a snoozer.


Tyler White vs Regan "Real Gun" Lees - Number 1 Contender's Match : Backyard BrawlEdit

There are no pictures of this match, Gareth doesn't even want you to see this. For a few reasons, one there was no crowd or commentary, as this was a dark match before the advertised main event. Secondly, Gareths pet project that he soon hadn't realised, Real Gun, was green as grass here. Reports say he was no selling left and right and constantly hitting power grapples resembling WWE Superstar's finishing moves. And thirdly, Real Gun was pinned clean by Tyler White in this match. I hope I don't lose my job for mentioning this, but this match DID HAPPEN, whether Gareth admits it or not.


Raven Hawk vs Benji & Bart - Tag Team Title Handicap Match : Heck in a CageEdit


Whilst Johnny Blobs was out injured after an assault from Donnie & Dash, Raven Hawk was forced to defend the Tag Team Championships on his own in a 2 on 1 handicap match against Benji & Bart. With a much easier target, Benji and Bart were equalised and found more offence than before, this match was almost like a one on one match as Benji & Bart together, matched up to Raven Hawk. this one was Benji & Bart at their finest hour yet, pulling out some technical grapples, Bart almost breaking Ravens neck with a dodgy fishermans neckbreaker, the match ended with Bart getting sea sick and Raven hitting Benji with the Crow's feet to retain the Titles. A fairly average handicap match, as expected by these competitors.


El Verde vs Oliver Jacobs : Emporer of the Yard TourEdit


The Emporer of the Yard Tour, brought out some....interesting qualifying matches to say the least. In this particular contest the flamboyant green man El Verde contested against the jobber Oliver Jacobs. The quality of this match is not the attraction as we got to see another great exhibition of El Verde's quirky moveset and Oliver's hilarous antics. This match marked a rare sight of Oliver Jacobs kicking out of a move, but nonetheless El Verde came out the winner of this match. God Bless Jacobs the Jobber.


MorningTee Money McCarthy vs Oliver Jacobs : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit

Mccarthy debute

After missing out on the 2015 Blues Draft, Brendan "MorningTee Money" McCarthy crossed over to professional wrestling signing with the LPW. His remarkable debut came in this match against the well-travelled FCW alumni jobber, Oliver Jacobs. This match was exactly what it needed to be, a showcase of the new talents moveset, and a quick finish to give McCarthy some momentum. And of course a cheeky highlights package at the end.


Simon Deek vs Dai Thorn : Heck in a CageEdit

Deek thorn

Theres nothing more refreshing than a double-debut. Deranged Emo Dai Thorn and English Prick Simon Deek were thrown into deep water when they each made their first LPW appearance on PPV at Heck in a Cage. Both show very different styles in the ring, simons attack is quite simple in that hell punch you where it hurts and hell grapple you when necessary. Dai on the other hand is everything you wouldn't expect from a pro wrestler. In this match he depressingly takes a beating and retaliates with violent chokes. Simon felt for the poor bloke, but was possumed into a Cutter, which showed Dai Thorn's more aggressive side.


Coyote King Wolf vs Iced Animal vs Rampage Ryan - SHIT Championship Triple Threat Match : Slow Track KickoffEdit


A picture can tell a thousand words, in this case it was exposure of the SHIT roster..........LPW thought it would be a good idea to add kickoff preshows to their lpw network specials, and showcase the developmental roster with SHIT championship matches. In this triple threat match we got to see the likes of Coyote King Wolf, Rampage Ryan and Iced Animal showing off their..........talent. a very funky and quirky match this was however it was the end of the match that left peoples head scratching as the lights went out and the three wrestlers were left in a bloodbath by The Coven, who were making their mark on the LPW Galaxy for the very first time.


Lukye West vs El Verde : Emporer of the Yard TourEdit


Possibly the most average LPW Match yet. This was the semi-final from the Emporer of the Yard Tour. There isn't much to say about it except Lukye West beat El Verde relatively quickly, allowing him to qualify for the final at WrassleFrenzy.


Raven Hawk & Johnny Blobs vs El Verde - Tag Team Title Handicap Match : Slow TrackEdit


This one was more of an angle than a match. but what an angle it was. Raven Hawk and Johnny Blobs' chemistry as a tag team had reached an all time high as they were like brothers, and dominating holding the tag team championships for months, they were heading into Slow Track defending against the team of John the Giant and El Verde, when suddenly Benji & Bart would attack John the Giant from behind, leaving El Verde with no partner. It was suspicious but the match continued. Johnny was receiving very positive crowd reactions when being tagged into the match and it looked like he was getting fired up to put El Verde away. When suddely Raven Hawk entered the ring and did what no one expected, and attacked his partner. This was followed by Benji & Bart returning to the match to help assist Raven. A triple powerbomb to Johnny Blobs, followed by Raven throwing down the titles and spitting in Johnnys face signalled the end of the tag team.


Alex Lewis vs Connor Motor vs Tyler White vs Regan "Real Gun" Lees - LPW Championship Fatal 4 Way Match : Slaughter HouseEdit

Fatal 4 Way

A royal clusterfuck if there ever was one. The main event of LPW second major event saw the four biggest stars in Gareth's promotion. The LPW Champion Alex "The Future" Lewis defending against Connor Motor, Tyler White and Fellow Maniac Regan "Real Gun" Lees. a power outage meant that this match could not be aired however, from live perspective this match was a non stop brawl. Finishers flying everywhere, bodies flying off fences and going all over the place. An absolute mess this was with plenty of botches and misscues. The finish saw Alex Lewis blindsiding Connor Motor to retain his championship in what would be the final dark ppv match before LPW got off the ground. This match may have not been the greatest of all time, but this will be looked at in history as these 4 men being the genesis of the LPW.


Regan "Real Gun" Lees vs Sean O'Grady - Non Title Open Challenge : Last Man's EpisodesEdit


Last Man's Episodes took place a week after Heck in a Cage therefor Real Gun did not feel he had to defend his championship because he said "I can defend it any time i like within 30 days". Per this rule, Real Gun decided to have a non title open challenge match at the PPV, and the newly debuting Sean O'Grady stepped up to the plate. This was a rough stiff brawl, with the two big men trading big grapples. At one point Real Gun even used divine powers to multiply his massive feet to perform a "Supernatural Kick" to Sean O'Grady. The planned finish was for O'Grady to upset Real Gun making him look strong in his debut, but Real Gun broke kayfabe and low blowed Sean for a DQ finish. This match would only plant the seeds for a much bigger rivalry to come in the future...


Tyler White vs Regan "Real Gun" Lees - Glendowie Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match : Day of KingsEdit


At Day of Kings we got to see the inaugural crowning of the Glendowie Heavyweight Championship. A Ladder Match between Tyler White and Real Gun. This match was all about Real Gun proving to the world who he is in the ring. Tyler was going about entertaining the LPW Galaxy and was trying to construct himself a nice series of moves to win this match, but it backfired as Real Gun resurrected at every corner and brutalised ty with stiff strikes, big grapples and even a nasty piledriver. This match would solidify the beginning of real guns first reign with the glendowie title and he would develop sentimental value towards this championship as he held it for many months.


Real Gun vs Simon Deek : Emporer of the Yard TourEdit

Poor simon

Poor Simon, he didn't stand a chance against the big burly. Real Gun promised dominance in the Emporer of the Yard Tournament, and thats exactly what we got, Simon did put up a fight, these 2 went a good several minutes before Real Gun locked in the Squeeze. Simon grabbed the ropes for a break but the referee got word in his earpiece from Benjamin Lewis ordering there to be no rope breaks and Simon had no choice but to tap out. A very entertaining yet disturbing squash match to say the least.


Tyler White vs Regan "Real Gun" Lees - Glendowie Heavyweight Championship Heck In A Cage Match : Heck In A CageEdit

Tyler heck

Tyler was given another shot at the Glendowie Title under these barbaric conditions, Ty and Real Gun stepped up another level from their previous ladder match and were out to burn the barn down. this was another rugged power brawl that had alot of stiff striking and big moves. This of course was the infamous debut of the Regan Squeeze where the new cameraman captured a moment in history as the squashed expressions of real guns unrelenting anger exploded onto the screen. In typical dirty fashion a stiff low blow to Ty followed by a Bullseye gave Real Gun the win in this Heck in a Cage contest.


Huge Tempah vs Duke Diablo - Intercontinental Championship Two Out Of Three Falls Match : Regal BattleEdit


The last thing you could possibly want at the beginning of a 2 out of 3 falls match is an injury and that is exactly what happened here. Right off the bat Huge Tempah deployed demon energy from the IC Champ Duke Diablo when he broke his demon nose with a botched enzuigiri. Because of this Diablo's movement was limited and he was not at full energy. Strategy? Coincidence? You should ask the man who kicked Duke...oh wait he's dead. Huge Tempah II would have no clue of the matter, but nonetheless this match was the third in a 3 match series between these competitors and it was contested in a loooong 2 out of 3 falls match. Huge Tempah reclaiming the Intercontinental Championship 2-1. This match did not live up to their previous encounters however it will go down as a historic moment in LPW history.


Real Gun vs Dai Thorn - Glendowie Championship Balls Match : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit

Dai dai dai

Real Gun gave absolutely zero fucks in this match. Dai Thorn was walking into a dead end when he qualified for this match. Although luckily for him he enjoys pain. Real Gun unleashed his biggest beating yet, Dai was being thrown all around the place, balls were flying, real gun was attacking the commentators the fans, he pulled the finger, he gave dai a devastating wasteland on the grass. Dai hit his finishing cutter on Real Gun and the big burly kicked out at zero. This is a brutal and fantastic squash match, this is arguably Real Gun at his most burliest, his most destructive, his most dominant, before he got set back by the incident. Real Gun forced Dai to tap with a hideous Squeeze, to retain the Glendowie Championship and continue his disturbing reign of terror.


Connor Motor vs John the Giant - LPW Championship Match : Last Man's EpisodesEdit


At times, a forgotten art in the circled square is a bit of psycology. Going into this championship match, Connor Motor was confident against the giant but it took alot of powered efforts to do damage to this enlarged argentinian beast. These two were conserving as much energy as possible here for the main event elimination tag team match, but they still were intent on winning this match. With Giants sheer size and Motors raw power, this match was somewhat of an equaliser as Motor really had to dig down deep to take down the big man. Impressing the LPW Galaxy with a slow German Suplex and a beautiful Winds of Change Motor showcased what he could do to this mass of a man. This match ended in a double countout draw after a bullhammer and brain chop combination showing that they both brought impact to this match. And though this match may be forgotten often amongst other great LPW matches, it is a true gem that given a bigger occasion may be done again bigger and better in the future.


Alex Lewis vs Connor Motor - LPW Championship No Holds Barred Match : Backyard BrawlEdit


ooh the hype, this was the match that put LPW on the map. the young gun Alex "The Future" Lewis had claimed his spot at the top being the first person the win the LPW Championship, representing his family's company. Gareth would then invest in mainstream exposure as he signed the one and only Connor Motor to a deal. This match was advertised in radio and TV interviews by the Motor and the success of this match led to the expansion of the LPW. Although in the ring this was probably the least crisp encounter between Lewis and Motor there was so much buzz around the match that it didn't matter. an epic battle between the two enthralled, and the last few minutes of the match were met with shambles and shenanigans. many of LPWs superstars made interferences in this match attacking Lewis and Connor. Alex would smash Connor in the head with the championship and nail an RKO for the pinfall win. Connor Motor may have lost in his debut match but this was far from a failure, and the launch of the LPW Network was to follow after the headlines this PPV created.


Huge Tempah vs Duke Diablo - Oceania Heavyweight Championship Match : Last Man's EpisodesEdit


E luchos mios e senorita! nothing brings a bigger smile to your face than some quality lucha libre, and in the first meeting between Huge Tempah and Duke Diablo at Last Man's Episodes we were all giggling in our seats. You've gotta love how entertaining it is to watch these two fly around and botch so beautifully. So well timed and so comical. Like mexican superheroes in a slapstick comedy. This match would set the bar for openers to come in the LPW and it brought us a new love for crooked moonsaults and tearing masks. Also the commentary in this match is entertaining as Phill Hancock is having a whopping good time watching this action.


Tyler White vs Simon Deek : Exhibition ExclusiveEdit


CRUNCHY! Thats what the LPW Galaxy was screaming after seeing this match. This is exhibition was everything it deserved to be. a high impact contest between Tyler White and Simon Deek. They both brought their A-Game here and wanted to look strong going into the Regal Battle PPV. A genuine in ring showcase here, its fun to watch Tyler showcase his talents with his variety of kicks and hard hitting grapple attacks. But also Simon Deek showed us more of his moveset than we'd ever seen from him before, he performs a nice frog splash here, but ultimately Ty walks away with the victory. This match showcased both mens abilities and is one of the LPW's prototype exhibitions to be used in future teaching classes. just hopefully they dont encourage breaking necks like Tyler almost did to Simon during the back suplex.


Connor Motor vs Alex Lewis - LPW Championship Heck in a Cage Match : Heck in a CageEdit


The grudge match to settle it all. This was the match to conclude the epic rivalry between Alex Lewis and Connor Motor over the LPW Championship. and this match was not pretty, blood was spilled, bones were shaken, bodies were mashed, it was nothing but destruction inside the Heck in a Cage. It took a whopping 21 minutes for these 2 men to settle it inside the circled square on this day. these men weren't here to try and get a quick pinfall, they were here to end it all. Move after move after move. And not to mention the epic video package that preceded the match set this up to be a classic. This match had somewhat of a slow methodical pace to it, but in turn the beating that these men gave each other inside the cage proved their worth to the LPW. Unfortunately for Alex Lewis, suplex suburb got the best of him here, and with no outside interference to help him and no escaping the cage, someone had to fall in this match. Connor Motor retained his newly won LPW Championship, but after this match both men were exhausted beyond belief, they both ended up in the medical centre that night and did not compete for several days. a rugged conclusion to an epic rivalry, that im sure we will see revisited one day.


Raven Hawk vs Sean Loki : Exhibition ExclusiveEdit


A repackage is always a fresh feeling. This time Sean O'Grady ditched his irish roots and embraced a craaazy hardcore street style. rebilled as Sean Loki, we got an invite to the Loki lockup in this match with Raven Hawk. an excellent in ring exhibition by these two, a fast paced technical warfare with some rugged brawling in between. This would only show us bare bones of what kind of crazy shit Loki is capable of inside that ring. And he was fine tuning his new skills in this match, preparing for a war with his arch rival Real Gun. To the same degree Raven Hawk was physically preparing for his World Title Match with Connor Motor and he showed a definite improvement in his singles ability. Both men shined here with Sean Loki picking up the win with a devestating headlock driver.


Nick Stacey vs No Sell Ned - Two Out Of Three Falls Match : Slow TrackEdit

No sell

The unorthodox style of the SHIT roster at its best comes in the form of Nick Stacey and No Sell Ned, oozing charisma, classic entrances and a fuck ton of piledrivers. In fact Ned did 3 piledrivers to the old grandad in this match. and he could not put the fucker down. Nick Stacey with his fookin gangsta ways managed to pull a clean sweep 2-0 against no sell ned in this 2 out of 3 falls match. Every time these two step in the ring together its a good time and this was one of them.


Huge Tempah vs Duke Diablo - Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage Match : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit


The LPW Galaxy had so much fun watching these two compete at Last Man's Episodes that Gareth booked a rematch at BRS under Steel Cage rules. This time it was even more botchy, This was another classic LPW lucha libre match and this time the Oceania Championship had been traded for a brand new Intercontinental Championship. The beloved Huge Tempah showed off his brilliance against the Mystic Demon, but eventually Diablo gave Tempah a backstabber and escaped the cage to win the championship. Phill Hancock got so overenthusiastic about this match that he recieved complaints about the volume. They would go on to have another match at Regal Battle, but nothing could capture the glory that this match had.


Huge Tempah vs John the Giant - Oceania Heavyweight Championship Match : Heck in a CageEdit


Arguably the two most entertaining characters in the LPW. At Heck in a Cage we were treated to the PPV arrival of the one and only spectacle that is John the Giant, against the mexican lucha warrior known as Huge Tempah. They say sometimes love is at first sight and in this match the fans fell in love with these two charismatic figures. Giant yelling at the top of his Argetininian lungs, Huge Tempah knocking his head against the roof in his debut entrance. This was a moment waiting to happen. The styles clash in this match was fun and Huge Tempah claimed his place as the king of the midcard when he defeated John by countout after a Double Gutfucker on the grass.


Alex Lewis vs Connor Motor - LPW Championship Match : Day of KingsEdit


"Petrol?!?, i need Petrol!" Sometimes even the mightiest can be brought down to earth, and Connor Motor had to dig down deep to pull this one out of the hat. LPW's hot peak rose after Gareth signed some of the biggest mainstream talents, and the LPW network was born. We saw Alex Lewis refusing to give up his championship as he wished to represent this company. His weasely ways allowed him to retain at Backyard Brawl and Slaughter House, but at Day of Kings it was to be the end of his historic first title reign as the stipulation was added that if Alex Lewis was to get himself Counted Out or Disqualified, Connor Motor would be granted an instant rematch. And that is exactly what happened. After all the hardship and drama, Alex Lewis hit a brick wall and Connor Motor captured the LPW championship. Motor's professional career truly kicked off at this moment, and he would carry the championship for months to come. World Title changes are usually rare as the competition at the top level is very tough but in this match the pressure got the champion and it all ended for Lewis. Though the camerawork in this match is horrendous the live crowd witnessed what was a moment in history.


Sean O'Grady vs John the Giant - Kiss Me Arse Match : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit


As we all know Sean's a little bit gay. Nothing wrong with that. But yknow he likes it up the butt. So at Balls, Rakes & Shoes he challenged big match John to a Kiss Me Arse match in which john repled AAAAAARRGGHGGHGHGH!!! Considering this match was supposed to be a comedy match this absolutely blew expectations out of the water. These two put on an entertaining show, John even got so mad he assaulted Dale Reed. In the end Sean beat John and was getting his pale backside ready for a good smooch but John low blowed him and forced Sean to Kiss John's arse. A really good watch this one is, definately a gem that is often forgotten.


Team Motor vs Team Maniacs - 6 on 6 Elimination Tag Team Match : Last Man's EpisodesEdit

Last mans

When Gareth announced that the Maniacs and White & Motor had to settle their differences at Last Man's Episodes, the LPW Galaxy was booming. What kind of teams would we see collide at this grand event. Maniacs pulled it big when they announced that mainstream rap star Lukye West would be joining their team, which added more hype to the event. White & Motor retaliated announcing Huge Tempah was to make their squad. The maniacs aquired some lucha help from Raven Hawk & El Verde. White & Motors answer to this was to trust in the team of Benji & Bart. Maniacs eventually convinced John the Giant to join the team. All looked to be dominant for the Maniacs as their stacked team was favoured to win. But at the last minute Dregs was a surprise entrant for Team Motor and it made all the difference. We saw lots of different styles in this 6 on 6 elimination tag team match. It really brought out what some of the LPW roster is capable of. We saw some never before seen matchups here. The stipulation in this match was that if anyone could eliminate the LPW Champion Connor Motor or be the soul survivor they would gain number one contendership. In this match with the assistance of his maniac counterpart, Alex Lewis managed to eliminate Connor Motor with a helluva kick. The final 2 in this match would be Tyler White and Alex Lewis who had a technical battle for the ages. In the end Tyler White would pin Alex Lewis with the End of Days and he would also gain number one contendership as he was the soul survivor in this match. This would then lead to the Triple Threat match at Balls, Rakes & Shoes. 


Sean Loki vs Real Gun - Glendowie Championship No Holds Barred Match : Regal BattleEdit

Not todayyyy

No storyline in the LPW has been more personal than the incident. In pro wrestling there's beef that never ends with the likes of Bret and Shawn, Austin and Vince, Owens and Zayn and many others. In the LPW, the lunatic Sean Loki and the big burly bogan Real Gun have a bitter rivalry that will likely never end. Sean made an impact at Last Man's Episodes debuting as the irish brawler O'Grady. But 2 months later he was a changed man, this time he had evolved into quite the creature, Real Gun was as powerful as ever, enjoying his long disturbing reign as the Glendowie Champion, he had formed a sentimental bond with the belt, it was his baby. and Loki challenged Real Gun to a match in which Loki would be in his home territory, a no holds barred match. Injuries Real Gun endured during his title defenses and the emotional damage of the incident made this match must see. Loki used many of his well-known hardcore toys to his advantage here. as both men got a taste of Solid Steel thumbtack paperclips. The circled square was a mess. the end of this match saw Sean pick up the Glendowie Championship with his Headlock Driver, but this would definately not be the end for this bitter rivalry as the secrets behind the incident were still just that, secrets...


Connor Motor vs Raven Hawk - LPW World Heavyweight Championship Match : Regal BattleEdit


Going into this match, Connor Motor expected a squash. he didn't realise what this kid was really capable of. This was a hard hitting championship match for Raven Hawk as Motor dissected and desimated the poor bugger for most of it. This was a first class beatdown with Motor in top form. But Raven did not give up, the once tag team specialist pulled out all the stops here, showing his resiliency and flying skills. He even kicked out of an Unleaded Elbow that would finish most opponents. Raven made a fiery comeback and flew around Motor so fast that Motor had to take time to catch up with the action. With all the momentum Raven got a bit too energised and came flying off the fence straight into a mid air Unleaded Elbow and Connor Motor retained his title. Although Raven may not have won this contest, he proved to the world what he is made of and gained the respect of the world champion. All in all a classic david vs goliath esque championship match.


Real Gun vs Lukye West - Emporer of the Yard Final Match : WrassleFrenzyEdit


Gunnslinger's Cove was host to the first Emporer of the Yard Tournament. The finale taking place on the show of shows, WrassleFrenzy. The production value for this event was beyond anything else the LPW had done before, with multiple camera angles taking you up close and personal to the action, these two bohemoths fought it out in an entertaining brawl. With all the bells and whistles this match created some legendary moments that will live forever in LPW history,and although the stage was set for Real Gun to take the title of Emporer in his home arena, it would be the most intoxicating man in backyard entertainment, Lukye West who won this honour. One of the biggest takeaways from this match was Real Gun's progress in the ring as every month his matches would get better and better, and the continuation of this progress is why he will go on to win many more championships in the future. And it's for damn sure that Gareth Lewis will continue to market these two cash cows as they possess that star quality that the chairman so dearly looks for.


Sean Loki vs Duke Diablo - Glendowie Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match : Slow TrackEdit

Diablo sean

The beautiful thing about a Falls Count Anywhere Match is that you can go ANYWHERE. In fact this match had to be broadcast in 2 parts as Sean Loki and Duke Diablo drove away from the building and brawled into the Crossfield Reserve. We got a bit of everything with this one, Diablo's entrance was epic as usual, but we saw the incident bleed over into this storyline as Sean Loki mocked Real Gun's entrance sending a message to the former Glendowie Champion. Sean took the Demon to the Loki Lockup in this match as they proceeded to stare at each other with crazy glares and then beat the shit out of each other. The enviroment was key in this brawl as they went all over the place. This wasn't just some rough em up striking challenges as at times they would transition into some technical grapples and Diablo even locked Sean in a vicious spider submission. In the end Sean got the best of Diablo in this brawl as he hit him with a headlock driver and pop up powerbomb for the win. This match is truly an LPW classic and it presents a fun atmosphere for other Falls Count Anywhere matches to top.


Nick Stacey vs No Sell Ned - No DQ Match for an LPW Contract : Regal BattleEdit


Eh wot wer yu finkin droppin a fookin grandad on his head ye? This match does not need a description it speaks for itself, go watch it and all its glory.


Dai Thorn vs Simon Deek vs El Verde - Number One Contenders Triple Threat Match : Last Man's EpisodesEdit


Sometimes the key to a triple threat match is unscripted chaos. This match for the number one contendership to Real Gun's Glendowie Championship was exactly that. There was no telling what to expect here, as this match went all over the place. The english prick simon deek, the deranged emo Dai Thorn and the Green ??? El Verde had a wicked fun brawl around the LPW Backyard Arena in this triple threat match. It was non stop quirky action from these characters and there was just a whole bunch of funny shit going on. From El Verde dancing around like a doofus, to Dai Thorn cutting himself with a stick, to Simon Deek legitimately injuring his nose, this match had anything and everything. Dai would once again play possum and win this match with a double cutter pinning both Simon Deek and El Verde.


20 Man Regal Battle Match : Regal BattleEdit

Regal Battle

Everyone loves the regal battle match. 20 of LPWs finest battling it out for a shot at the LPW World Heavyweight Championship at WrassleFrenzy. You get to see all of your favourites in one match, and its great. Johnny Blobs was arguably the man of the match here as he entered at number one and lasted until after Bart came out at number 14. Lukye West also scored 5 eliminations in this match. There were some classic moments like all the hardcore title changes, or dylan marshall going under the ring, or Oliver Jacobs getting thrown out straight away. But in the end Tyler White pulled out the victory after stunning Alex Lewis out of the ring, and he earned a shot against Connor Motor's LPW Title.


Connor Motor vs Tyler White vs Alex Lewis - LPW World Heavyweight Championship BRS Match : Balls, Rakes & ShoesEdit


When all the combustable elements come together in one big form you get a perfect storm. Fans were excited when it was announced that three of LPW's top performers, the LPW Champion Connor Motor, Tyler White and Alex Lewis would be competing in the first ever Balls, Rakes & Shoes Match. Alex Lewis earned his opportunity by pinning Connor Motor in the Last Man's Episodes Elimination Match, by the same degree Tyler White was the soul survivor in that match, therefore the triple threat match was set. Non stop action would occur as these three competitors put it all out out there and used everything available to them. So much went down that day, and this match was the first to bring up the debate of "best LPW matches" and it was the first match to be considered "number 1" on the list. This match truly was a definitive sample of the golden era in the LPW.